Best of Kenya


A family holiday with your children, to witness the greatest wildlife migration on the Earth.

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BuffyFish has got the perfect Kenya safari package for you at the lowest prices. Camping, treks, unique cultural interactions, balloon rides over the animal reserve with the big five animal species, mountain lodge stays, and a magical lake in the heart of Africa. 

This 7 night, 8 day itinerary covers Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Mt. Kenya national parks. You can choose to do a walking safari as well which is a unique experience by itself. Regular game drives are a part of the itinerary. Camp with your children at some of the best camping sites in Kenya. Witness the biggest traffic jam in the world, that of the wildebeests with their leader trying to decide whether to continue walking or wait until we got out of their way. You will definitely get to see The Big Five.


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