Mantra Koodam, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

Location: Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

10 km from Kumbakonam, Mantra Koodam is situated in the village of Veppathur.

Kumbakonam refers to the ‘kumbha’, or mythical pot that contained all seeds of life, displaced by the dissolution of the universe until it came to a rest at where this town stands. Enter into a world of otherworldly charm at Mantra Koodam, 6 km from this spiritual spot. A region dating back to the Sangam period, Kumbakonam rose to be a prominent city between the 7th and 9th centuries AD, when it was occupied by the mighty Cholas. During the British Rule, the town became a prominent centre of European education and Hindu culture, acquiring the name “Cambridge of South India”. The town is located right at the heart of the celebrated temple trail of South India, just an hour from Tanjavur. With over 5000 big and small temples spread across its landscape, it is rightly called the ‘temple town’. Spread over 15 acres, the property is flanked by the Veera Chozha and Cauvery rivers on either side. A destination that’s serenaded by the sound of gushing rivers, chirping birds and the chimes of a divine experience.

From ₹8,400 per room per night


Mantra Koodam is tucked away in a quiet corner of Veppathur, Kumbakonam. Where, cocooned within nature’s greenest wonders, you go on a journey steeped in legend. As the vibrant cultures and rustic charms welcome you with arms wide open, your soul finds its home amidst a blend of historical, cultural and spiritual experiences.

Crafted around the Tamizh way of life, the sacred simplicity of Mantra Koodam unburdens the mind and uplifts the spirit.


The living spaces at Mantra Koodam offeran experience of the rare simplicity of village life alongside the historic opulence of South India’s regal past.

Adorned with Athangudi tiles, ornate teak doors and expansive courtyards at each entrance, these dwellings echo the spirit of the Tamizh culture.

There are three types of cottages– the Mantra Cottage, the lavish ‘Illam’ and the luxurious family home ‘Pannaiyar Illam’, inspired by traditional estate owners’ bungalows.


Mantra Koodam brings the distinctive taste of Tamil Nadu’s fiery cuisine, where every dish carries years of tradition handed down over generations. The unique character of these recipes is the ingenious blend of spices such as star anise, with other Indian ingredients that delight your senses. All meals here are carefully prepared keeping in mind the delicate balance of the four primary flavours: sweet, spicy, bitter and sour.

Each ingredient is sourced locally from the Kumbakonam vegetable market, or handpicked fresh from the organic garden at the resort. Participate in an interactive cooking session with our chef to learn age-old secrets of a delightful cuisine.


For food lovers, the chef ’s special ‘Maharaja Thali’ is a must try – a congregation of 17 flavoursome dishes in one magnificent platter – each element offering a gastronomical surprise. To wind down after a long day, retreat to your cottage for a quiet evening with a book. You can also lounge on the rocking chair in the veranda, taking in the green surroundings and sipping on Kumbakonam’s signature filter coffee – locally known as ‘Degree Coffee’. Or step in our Tea Kadai to share stories with fellow travellers over piping hot chai and snacks.


The resort is planned like a rural village, where you encounter quaint little delights at every turn. Walk on old-world ‘Agraharam’ streets, as you pass by a temple pond, shrines, coconut groves and an occasional peacock if you are lucky. Straddled by the Cauvery and Veera Chozha rivers, the Mantra Koodam landscape abounds in plentiful flowers and foliage, flittering butterflies and is home to over 64 species of birds. Take a refreshing dip into the crystal blue waters of the swimming pool, or cycle around the village.


Catch glimpses of village life with a bullock cart ride across Veppathur village. As you traverse through the narrow lanes, you will be waved at, and even joined by exuberant kids.

Get a first-hand experience of the charm of rural life amidst acres of paddy fields and warm-hearted locals. You can also drop in at the potter’s house and try your hand on the pottery wheel under his expert guidance.


Maharaja Serfoji II Bhonsle, the Thanjavur king, was a patron of literature and arts, and his influence can be witnessed across the region. During his rule, he brought in the best artisans from neighbouring kingdoms, such as the famed silk weavers from Gujarat and Kalamkari artists from the Deccan region. You can visit the local Pattu Silk weaver’s house to watch magic being woven using centuries-old techniques. Or drop by at a Kalamkari artist’s abode where the ancient art form of creating mesmerising designs with natural colours is alive and thriving. You can also witness ‘Sthapatis’ at work in their workshop – master craftsmen moulding bronze sculptures using the ancient ‘Lost Wax’ technique.

The Saraswati Mahal library was established by the Nayaks of Tanjavur in the 16th century.

Today, it is a treasure trove of heritage literature, equipped with ancient books, transcripts, maps and dictionaries from around the world.


Kumbakonam dates back to the Sangam period, when the region used to be a seat of power in medieval South India. The town rose to prominence between the 7th and 9th centuries, when it was the capital of the Cholas. During the British rule, it became a centre of European education and Hindu philosophy, acquiring the name “Cambridge of South India”.

The temple town became a hub of Hindu culture and vedic learning. Glimpses of this heritage can still be witnessed in the lanes of the town, when you visit the local ‘pathshalas’. At these vedic schools, you will be immersed in chants by the students reverberating through the room.

As you stroll across Kumbakonam and Thanjavur, you will be transported to a thriving, vibrant culture of colours and flavours. A trip through the busy streets will lead you to local markets where you will find fascinating crafts of the region such as the Thalaiyatti Bommai (Tanjore Dancing Dolls).


Mantra Koodam is alive with the vivid cultures and ethos of the local communities. Members of our staff from the surrounding villages are always up for an engaging conversation about the history of their land. You can catch up with their stories over a cup of tea and hot snacks at the ‘Mantra Tea Kadai’, modelled after the traditional tea shops found in the region.


Kumbakonam is located right at the heart of the celebrated temple trail of South India.

With over 5000 temples spread across its landscape, it is rightly called the ‘temple town’.

The Darasuram temple with an 85-feet vimana, and the Gangaikonda Cholapuramn temple built by King Rajendra Chola I are a must visit.

You can also take the Navagraha circuit – nine temples that represent the n\=ine planets in ancient Indian astrology, all within driving distance. An hour away from Kumbakonam is the town of Thanjavur, the epicenter of the Chola dynasty and a hub of South India’s indigenous arts, crafts and architecture. Most of the Great Living Chola Temples are located here, and are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. Don’t miss the majestic Brihadeshwara Temple, or ‘Big Temple’, made from 130,000 tons of granite.


Mantra Koodam is the ideal destination for memorable celebrations, be it a wedding, a family celebration or a meeting. Set amidst lush green landscapes and a vibrant rustic ambience, our banquet hall is decked up for joyous occasions. With impeccable service and a stunning backdrop, every event is tailored to perfection. Images and content credit CGH Earth Experiences

Amenities and Services:


The living spaces at Mantra Koodam offer an experience of the rare simplicity of village life alongside the historic opulence of South India’s regal past. Adorned with Athangudi tiles, ornate teak doors with lavish courtyards at each entrance, these dwellings echo the spirit and culture of the region; modeled after ancient Chettiar homes that consist of a ‘thinnai’ (raised verandah), ‘mutram’, (central open-to-sky courtyard), ‘koodam’ (the living hall), and the ‘samayal’ (kitchen). There are two types of cottages at Mantra Koodam – the Mantra Cottage, the lavish ‘illam’, and the luxurious family home ‘Pannaiyarillam’, inspired by traditional estate owners’ bungalows. Each of these cottages is rooted in the warmth and rustic comforts that is innate within the region. The property is also equipped with a convention centre that is ideal for destination weddings, where every celebration makes for unforgettable memories.

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A lavish cottage with a sitting area, a bedroom, a bathroom that is open to the elements; and a spacious courtyard all for yourself.


Designed like traditional Tamil homes, with large ornate doors, partially- open bathrooms, Athangudi-tiled floors and verandas that offer a view of the green landscapes.