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Ramki, Priyanka and Family's Luxury Trip To Goa!

I have been a backpacker most of the earlier travel, my approach for it was on a budget and on a shoestring. But things change after marriage and especially having traveling with an infant and kid .

Nanda and Ashish’s trip to Paris and Italy

Nanda approached BuffyFish for tips and suggestions for her trip to Paris and Italy. Here is what she had to say about the trip plan... I love travelling and equally love the travel planning phase!

Planning A Trip To Ladakh, Deepika Gumaste

have known Vidula through some of our common social media platforms and groups. A travel expert in her own right, Vidula was an immense help during the planning stages of my Ladakh trip.

Ladakh Trip Planning, Megha Agarwal

Hello there, This is Megha from Kolkata and I know Vidula via a FB gals travel group. I was planning a trip to Leh and had posted about the same on the page, looking for some guidance, when Vidula gave me an itinerary about what all we can do there.


Sujata and her family’s trip to the Golden Triangle

We had an amazing trip to the Golden Triangle, organized by Buffyfish. During the planning phase, the team was extremely flexible, responsive and recommended a well thought out itinerary – a good balance of sightseeing, shopping and relaxation.

Sumeet, Vandana, Anushka And Aashna’s Trip To Agra

Amazing travel experience on our recent trip to Agra. The whole process from planning the trip, daily itinerary and logistics were executed so professionally.

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Veena and her family’s trip to the Golden Triangle

The guide very patiently waited for us at each pit-stop, helped us take photos, helped us buy the tickets, and guided us with shopping too. He took us to a block printing store where we had a unique experience.

Tia’s Trip To Anjarle

The older I get, regular birthday parties and too many people tend to grate. This year, a I wanted a birthday away from Pune, even if I spent it on the road and not a specific destination.

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