At BuffyFish, we believe in travel that is immersive, inclusive, and responsible.

Our Values

Our travel ethic is against simply ferrying people from tourist trap to tourist trap.

Culture: we respect the culture of the people our customers visit, without fetishising and taking advantage.

Environment: we strive to minimise the environmental cost of travel, both pollution and waste.

Inclusivity: we make our experiences accessible to people with disabilities and marginal identities.


We strive to provide our customers authentic, immersive, and fulfilling experiences, while respecting the cultures that we interact with.


We are building a global community of responsible travellers. People who balance the pleasure of travel with the responsibilities of travel.

Tourists who while immersing in cultures do not take advantage of them.

Travellers who while immersing in nature’s beauty leave nature as well or better than they found it.

People who when they seek the joys the world has to offer appreciate that others travel similar paths and seek the same joys.